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the smallest weird number
Time to Update again! 
17th-Mar-2008 01:53 pm
Life has been kind of hectic lately.  Busy with work, cars, school and family.  I think in one of my previous posts I noted that neither of my two cars worked properly. Well, I got my hyundai to work.  We just had to bleed the clutch.  Hopefully it still works, I haven't tried it since we did it.  Now I am in the process of selling the neon.  If anyone needs a $2000 car I have one for sale!  Craigslist is so annoying trying to sell a car though.  So many weirdos. 

Anywho, I've got some sort of cold and it sucks.  I did have a good weekend, though.  On Friday I went to a hotel for my baby sisters 14th birthday party, it was nice, we had lots of nummy food and a great hotel room but I forgot how stupid adolescent boys are.  They were not allowed to stay the night, thanks goodness.

 Saturday I came home and showed my neon to some dolt.  She came all the way from Sheboygan and didn't even ask me one question about the car.. except "You didn't mention any rust online.."  When I did, I even sent her a picture of it!  Loser.  So after that I went to my friends house to eat dinner and drink wine, a girls night in sort of thing.  After dinner we were going to watch the movie Once but some rude boys, including Chris, came over and interrupted us.  By this time I was not feeling very good but blamed it on too much cigarette smoke from the night before. 

I woke up sunday morning with a pounding headache and throbing sore throat.  So not cool!  I laid in bed all day Sunday eating gold fish crackers and watching episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix.  Chris had to do his Army Reserve stuff so when he came home he brought me some Sprite and I was very happy, as happy as one could be when in such pain. 

Today I slept in until about 10am and I am feeling a little bit better.  I am on Spring Break but still have to work so I can't do anything cool.  Chris and I both have off on Thursday and Friday so maybe we'll do something then.

I bought some more fabric on Saturday, 14 yards.  Like I said, it's an addiction.. I can't help it!  I also bought a new record - The Police- Synchronicity in preparation for the concert in July.  I've got a lot of their stuff on CD but I have started collecting records.  It's trendy and all but it's fun finding old records.  I got the record player, a used one, for christmas from my dad and my record collection is slowly climbing.  I think I've got over 60 now.  I know its nothing compared to some but it's a good start.  I have mostly old/used ones but a couple new ones including CocoRosie, Sufjan Stevens and The Velvet Underground.  It's all about the hunt.  
Well, I have to go to work in a couple minutes so I am outta here!

Life Lesson #6- If your car stereo has a detachable face plate- detach it.  I was stupid a few months ago and didn't detach mine and my car was broken in to.  All for a crappy $50 cd player!  Now I know better.
(Deleted comment)
18th-Mar-2008 02:49 pm (UTC)
Sufjan has really gotten popular over the last couple years! Do you know who Jose Gonzales is? Well, he's pretty good and he is playing the Pabst (I think) tonight! I'd love to go see him. I will talk to chris and see what we have planned for Thursday, we might be going out of town but I will def. let you know. You are totally only two short blocks from me!
18th-Mar-2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
thats so cool that we live so close!!! does this jose character sound anything like devendra banhart?? because he's pretty sweet too! let me know if you can come to our party. it would be awesome to see you guys!
18th-Mar-2008 05:42 pm (UTC)
Lindsey, Tami, Kyle and I went up to Oshkosh one night, spur of the moment kind of thing and I picked up three Police records at the Exclusive Co. there. Synchronicity, Reggatta de Blanc, and Zenyatta Mondatta. They're in like VG condition too! :) I saw they were going on tour this summer and would love to see them. I used to be obsessed with watching this DVD I have of all their music vidz. haha.
18th-Mar-2008 06:37 pm (UTC)
I'd love to have more of their records. I got Synchronicity for only $4! I am really looking forward to seeing them come july. Tickets were kind of expensive and we don't have that great of seats, but at least they aren't lawn seats and at least I get to go. I heard that this may be their last tour! Who knows if that's true though!
19th-Mar-2008 01:50 am (UTC)
Kind of expensive? I just looked and they were like triple digits. I think I'll stick to their DVD. Oh, and I think I got those three records for like 8 bucks. :) The guy was too busy with his Cursive stickers everywhere to care about classic rock.
19th-Mar-2008 07:17 am (UTC)
i hate to break it to you but, last year was thier "last tour" too.
i know you'll have a good time though. the police are the shit.
19th-Mar-2008 03:23 pm (UTC)
I don't think there was a separate tour last year. I'm pretty sure it was part of their 'final tour' starting in May '07 and ending in August '08. But, like I said, who knows if this will actually be their last!
20th-Mar-2008 12:40 am (UTC)
aww ur girls night in sounds fun. we should have a dinner party with wine one night. we live close and still havent hung out yet!! maybe this saturday or sunday? <33
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