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the smallest weird number
Finally, something new! 
1st-Mar-2008 11:39 pm

Yesterday was pretty nice.  I got some stuff done and I went out to eat at Abu's Middle Eastern Restaurant on Farwell Ave.  It was ok, I ordered a veggie platter and it had a lot of stuff I didn't like that much.  The falafel was really good though.  Today I felted soap with Chris' mom, Barb, and it was fun, but I wasn't that good at it.  Oh yeah, a little background info on the subject-  I got a sweet soap making kit for Christmas and Barb and I made it a few weeks ago.  So, there were some pretty ugly bars that we ended up felting.  It was neat and it smelled good.
After felting Chris and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for out friends birthday shin dig.  It was nice to see old friends.

Now there are some people over at our house for a race party - aka - play forza motorsports and watch movies starring Steve McQueen.  My friend Kelly came too and I tried to teach her how to knit!  I'm not the greatest at knitting so I am not the greatest at teaching but we had  fun.

I finally finished and made something new.  Now I just want to keep on sewing!  I get in these kicks, I'll get over it.  I wanted to make a dress but decided to go with a hand bag because it takes a much shorter amount of time.  So, here it is-
  Here's the outside, it has all these little pocket/pouch things along the outside.  Cute and Functional!

This is the inside, it's got a nice zipper pocket attached, so it's sort of like two pockets.  It makes it a little bulky, but I don't mind!

Here's the DS case for my friend Michelle.. I hope she likes it!!

Life Lesson #5-
Never underestimate the things you have laying around your house!  You never know what might be useful for something! (Spoken like a true pack rat!)
3rd-Mar-2008 01:22 am (UTC)
cool to see you posting again. I haven't really posted since the filters at work prohibited me from going on livejournal and getting hit by a car, but Lindsey and you are posting again, and it's inspirational. I read my friends' page daily, but its mostly vegan cooking and bike communities. By the way, my boss takes me out to eat a couple times and its always Buffalo Wild Wings. At least they have a Gardenburger on the menu. Plus, he usually picks up the bill ;-). And...falafels FTW! I need to make them again sometime soon.
17th-Mar-2008 07:30 pm (UTC)
At my old job we were only able to get on .gov sites so we spent a lot of time looking up customers criminal records! I also enjoy reading the posts that you and lindsey make, it's inspirational for me too! The thing about BW3's is that they always fuck up the simplest things for me.. and their garden burgers are always rock hard.. maybe in Madison they are better!
18th-Mar-2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
Actually, BW3's is in Monona. We go there because in Monona, they don't have a smoking ban and my boss loves to smoke. They're Gardenburgers are ok, but yeah, last time we were there, they totally screwed up our order. In other news, I'm totally free from the Boca/Gardenburger/Morningstar Farms bullshit burgers. Mostly I make Nature's Burger from the bulk dry powder or I get these Tofu Walnut burgers from Nature's Bakery here in town.

As far as filters, I found out there is a 60 minutes of "Quota Time" feature if I want to go on something not work related. Still can't read comments or view message boards though.
18th-Mar-2008 06:44 pm (UTC)
I've always wondered about the Nature's Burger mix.. I always buy the chili and sloppy joe mixes that the same company sells. They are so delicious!
19th-Mar-2008 01:55 am (UTC)
Nature's Burg is the shit. It's cheap, cause I get it in bulk from the co-op and its an easy meal. That and TVP is a definite staple in this house. I just made a meat-less meatloaf today with some TVP and it was actually pretty believable, minus all the grease and cheese. Well, I'm not sure what it used to be like anyways, anymore. Anywho, their chili mix is good, same with the falafels. As for sloppy joes, I just use TVP with like manwich or nature's burger covered in chili beans.
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