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the smallest weird number
If you're from the Midwest and it doesn't matter where say shhh... 
10th-Mar-2009 03:56 pm
Not much happened this weekend.  I worked all weekend and Saturday it stunk big time, but Sunday was not as bad. Friday night was spent poppin bottles with Kelly.  We ate crappy subs from subway and then drank a bottle of Lambic, okay maybe it was only one bottle that we popped but it was soo good.  We also watched a movie.  On Saturday night we went to go see Watchmen.  I thought it was pretty good.  Then on Sunday, after work, I went to my dad's house.  My grandma and grandpa were there and it is always good to see them.  My grandma has Alzheimer's Disease and it is heartbreaking.  The whole family is getting through it though.  My Dad gave me a GPS for my birthday (we are slowly making up and trying to put the past behind us, it's really hard) and I am very excited for it to be nice outside so I can go geocaching!  In other news... I am going to sell my car.  I know it's ridiculous but I am sick of it, so hopefully I find one that will at least run for a few months with out any problems!  I need to eat lunch and do homework.  PEACE OUT YALL.

11th-Mar-2009 04:52 am (UTC)
fellow geocacher! <3
11th-Mar-2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
Have you found some good ones in CA??? I am more excited than someone should be about being able to get outside again. This weather is AWFUL!
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