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the smallest weird number
I get pains in my intestines when I eat rocks stones and nails.. doesn't stop me from eating them 
23rd-Jun-2008 02:14 pm
I had a pretty nice weekend besides the fact that I am going through this stupid bout of depression.
Chris came home from New Jersey on Thursday and surprised me with a nice new necklace from Tiffany's & Co.  It is very cute and very unexpected.  I would have been happy with a great big kiss.  We went out to La Fuentes, the best Mexican food in Milwaukee, and I got drunk.  Then we came home and I drank some more. 
On Friday we went to go check out his soon to be new motorcycle.  It is very cool, a Ducati Monster 695, and I am excited for him.  We did some geocaching (my idea), saw the Indiana Jones movie and went out to eat, again, with his parents.  I got a nice 13x9 pan to make brownies, my current 13x9 pan is all gunked up from over fried potatoes, and also a food dehydrator from Chris' Momma.  I am excited to use it.  Perhaps more excited than a person should be.  We came home and it was sort of late and I don't remember what I did.
Saturday was the Summer Solstice music festival here in Milwaukee.  I saw my friend Kelly there and we ate good ice cream but it was kind of boring.  Perhaps if I was drinking it would have been more fun.  Oh yeah, and before that I started making a dress.  I needed to do some math to figure out some stuff so chris helped me out.  I'm glad he helped me.  Although we still did something wrong.  It was ok though.  We went to bed early because we had to wake up early on Sunday.
Sunday we went out to Road America, the race track up by Elkhart Lake, to see the June Sprints.  It was really neat and it's fun to see these crazy fast cars.  Unfortunately the race car driver we were with crashed in the last lap.  He's ok but his car is not ok at all.  Crashing while going 135 mph in a formula continental car, which looks like a small formula 1 car, will do that though.  Here are two pictures that show a tiny bit of the damage:
This is the front of the car.  When the driver is in the car their feet and legs are pushed all the way to the front of the car.  The gas and brake pedals are in that space in front of the shocks.  There is usually a nose piece over this, but it's all cracked now. 
This is a picture of the steering column with a giant crack in it. 
I don't think anyone who reads this cares about race cars but I do.  Anyway, after Norton, the driver, came back to the Paddock we helped clean up and made sure he was ok and then we went home.  I told my friend Kelly I would go to Church with her so I did that when I got home.  I'm not really down with church, but it was a nice service and all.  We then had dinner at my house.
Today I finished my dress.  It's pretty cute and summery.  It's called an 'infinity dress' because you can wear it a lot of different ways. Here are some pictures-

this is the back of the first one.



Front - this is how I am wearing it now.
and the back.  I actually tucked the strings in and it looks better. 

My hair is a mess, my mirror is dirty, and I am extremely unphotogenic. It's also not very flattering for my itty bitty tiities, but I don't care.  AND those styles look better if I take more than a minute to throw them together.  Anyways, I like it and I am glad it turned out.  I want to make another one.
I have an interview tomorrow and I'm nervous. Hopefully it'll work out.  I am going to go get an application at some little boutique in Shorewood that's hiring.  I guess time will only tell.  I'm thinking I don't even want a car anymore. 
Remember my last life lesson where I said to make sure you take the cup out of the wash before drying.. well I forgot to.  I felt like a retard but likely it was fine.  I am going to go load the dishwasher now.

Life Lesson #10-   Before you cook grilled cheese heat up your pan a little bit.  Then, when you put it on the pan, cover the sandwich with a sauce pan lid or other lid.  It melts the cheese faster.  I do make the best grilled cheese.  Actually, second best.  My dad makes the #1 grilled cheese.
23rd-Jun-2008 09:42 pm (UTC)
La Fuentes? I basically grew up on that place! When my parents were together we'd go there alll the time. I miss that. :(

Your dress looks da bomb.
23rd-Jun-2008 09:46 pm (UTC)
Well you know where it's at when it comes to Milwaukee Mexican food, then! It's way better than La Perla, which gets way more publicity and all.
Thanks for the dress comment. At first I thought you said that it "looks dumb" hahaha, I'm glad you didn't though. I bought the fabric for $1/yard.. sweet deal amirite!?
23rd-Jun-2008 09:51 pm (UTC)
hell yeah sweet deal! and it looks really comfy and soft.

i just bought some black and white damask fabric for $3 a yard and i am making curtains with it as we speak!! woooo.

i'm depressed lately too, though. :(
26th-Jun-2008 04:09 pm (UTC)
loooves your dress!! (maybe not with the soxxx =P)oooOoo girly we should do something some time. we live so close... and plus i never really hang out with girls and that makes me sad!! ohhh and that was very nice of chris to get you a necklace from tiffanys... you should post a picture!! please?
26th-Jun-2008 04:47 pm (UTC)
Haha! Thanks for the compliment... I am such a loser that I didn't even think of taking my socks off. When I wore it outside the house I took them off and wore some strappy sandals. It looked cute.
Hey, are you still a vegan? I'm just a reg'la ass vegetarian but I'd love to do dinner with you soon! What's your work schedule like?
Perhaps my next post will have a pic of my necklace :)
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