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the smallest weird number
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Long time, no post, blah blah.

School is over and I had a successful semester.  I had two classes that were really hard, a post colonial lit class and physics, and I got a C in both classes.  Normally this would be unacceptable, but I was totally happy that I just passed the class.  My other grades were two A's and a B+ so it still averaged out to be a tiny bit above a 3.0.  Next semester will be all A's... I promise.

My break is going pretty boring right now.  I am not working many hours so that's a bummer, but maybe I will get something done.  I wanted to start a new craft, Jewelry making, but decided I have way to many other crafts.  Here's a list of things I have started and have supplies to make/do:
  1. Sewing (two machines and a mini serger)
  2. Quilting
  3. Knitting
  4. Crochet
  5. Cross Stitch
  6. Embroidery
  7. Candle Making
  8. Soap Making (mostly just books)
  9. Wood Burning
  10. Wood Carving
  11. Stamp Making
  12. Ornament Making
  13. Magnets
  14. Image Transfers
  15. Paper Making
  16. Origami
  17. Oil Pastels
  18. Acrylics
  19. Various Collections (cameras, books, patterns, board games, fabric.. etc)
  20. Pin hole camera w/ photo paper
  21. I'm probably forgetting something..
So, after going through those things I decided not to buy supplies to make jewelry. 

I really need a different job.  I hate mine so much. I feel like I shouldn't have such a hard time, I have four years of schooling behind me!  It can't take a rocket scientist to be a waitress or a bartender so wth. what ev.. something will come.

Today, just out of curiosity, I looked up how much my daily medicine that I take would cost if I didn't get it for free from the drug company (because I am poor and don't have insurance) and it would cost $356 a month for the name brand and $238 a month for generic.  I seriously almost puked when I saw that.  How f'ed up is that.

I really don't have much else to say.  It's 2pm and I am not dressed yet.  I think I will go and try to get something done!

Life Lesson #14-  This is something I learned a long time ago, but I'll enlighten you all.  Do not try to make pudding with Soy Milk.  It will never set.   So, if you are really craving some delicious Pistachio Pudding be sure to pick up some regular milk if you don't have some.
OH!!  Also, if you don't drink regular milk often you might want to buy a box of powdered milk.  It sounds gross, but it has been a life saver for me in the past.  I bought a little box and it has lasted me a long time!

Not much happened this weekend.  I worked all weekend and Saturday it stunk big time, but Sunday was not as bad. Friday night was spent poppin bottles with Kelly.  We ate crappy subs from subway and then drank a bottle of Lambic, okay maybe it was only one bottle that we popped but it was soo good.  We also watched a movie.  On Saturday night we went to go see Watchmen.  I thought it was pretty good.  Then on Sunday, after work, I went to my dad's house.  My grandma and grandpa were there and it is always good to see them.  My grandma has Alzheimer's Disease and it is heartbreaking.  The whole family is getting through it though.  My Dad gave me a GPS for my birthday (we are slowly making up and trying to put the past behind us, it's really hard) and I am very excited for it to be nice outside so I can go geocaching!  In other news... I am going to sell my car.  I know it's ridiculous but I am sick of it, so hopefully I find one that will at least run for a few months with out any problems!  I need to eat lunch and do homework.  PEACE OUT YALL.

5th-Mar-2009 06:46 pm - I want to go to there.
Things are looking up a little bit.
1. I talked to my dad.  He's still a jerk, but he is my dad.  Hopefully things will get better.
2. Did some more junk to my piece of crap car.  We installed new spark plugs, distributor rotor and cap and a new timing belt!  It should work, and it was working, but now it's making an awful buzzing noise that I think is the oil pressure sensor.  lame.
3. I filed my taxes and decided not to worry about my nannying ordeal.
4.  I caved in and I am now paying alverno $20 a month... I just didn't want to deal with it any more and the lawyer said there's some law that says I do have to pay it back, but that we could fight it.  However, if I fought it and lost I would end up paying A LOT.  So what ev. Twenty bucks a month is doable.
5. I got all my cavities filled and I am now religiously flossing everyday.  I already brush twice a day but I guess flossing is important.. whoda thought!
6. Unfortunately my physics teacher is still insane.  I got an F on my test and when I asked her for the class average she said she 'doesn't worry about averages' because 'they don't mean anything'.  I was like :|  are you nuts?  Eh she's impossible.
7.  My school situation is still shitty and I have even more problems, but I am going to try and figure it out before complaining too much.

Ok, I need some advice...
My baby sister snuck out of the house last weekend and didn't tell any of her friends (I called all of them) and the guy she was with she presumably met on myspace (I 'hacked' (guessed her password) myspace and read her messages).  So, last saturday I spent the whole day worrying about her.. filing out a police report, the whole nine yards because we all thought she ran away and I thought this myspace guy killed her or something.  Ok fastforward a bunch of hours she stumbles in the door and tells some lies blah blah. 
Here's the main point that I need advice on---  I changed the passwords of her email(msn), myspace, and AIM, but I'm not sure when to give them back to her.  I was thinking as soon as she gets her grades up.  What do you guys think?  If it was up to me and I was an ice witch I would delete her myspace and never give it back... but I wouldn't do that.

Oh yeah, one more thing.. I bought a new camera, a canon SD1100is!  It's small and cute.  Nothing fancy, just small.  I'm excited aboot it!  Hope y'all are doing well!

Life Lesson #13:
Right down your bank transactions in a check register.  You're friendly bank teller will probably give one to you for free.  It will save you money in the end. 
Ok that was dumb..
Life Lesson #13.5
Nevermind, I can't think of anything.

First of all, thanksgiving was great.  I had a vegan dinner with chris's family and then a vegetarian dinner (see: delicious butter, milk and cheese ingredients) with my momma.  Both of them were very nice, but my mom's was better :)

I got a different car.. which probably doesn't come as much of a surprise to anyone.  This one is old and small.. a 1991 VW Golf.  It's pretty crappy and needs a paint job, but it's cute and has a lot of cargo space, it can comfortably hold four wheels with tires on them in the back.  Chris put snow tires on it and now it dominates in the snow.  It does need a lot of other stuff though, like motor mounts, studs, timing belt and cover, seat belts that work.. etc.  If anyone wants to buy some wheels just let me know, I've got em in the car.

Christmas is tomorrow and I am so excited.  I have all of my gifts bought and wrapped.  I didn't handmake as many as I had planned on, but I ran out of time.  This will be the first christmas that I will not see my Dad.  I haven't even spoken to him since July.  I got him a gift, but I think I am just going to put my sister's name on it.   Whatever, I hope he misses me.

School kicked my ass last semester but I did really well- B+ in Zoology, and A- in Linguistics, Folklore in Literature, Music and Curriculum and Instruction!  I'm pretty proud of myself.  It is the best semester in my 3.5 years of college!

My car was towed for the first time, because of a stupid snow emergency, and it was such a mess!  Three different city employees (a police officer, night parking operator, dept of p.w. operator) told me there was no record of my car being towed and that I should file a police report for a stolen vehicle!!  I spent all day thinking my car was stolen and just as we were about to go to the police station my mom called me to tell me that they called her and it was at the tow lot.  ANNOYING.

Anyway, I guess more snow is coming so I might just go up to West Bend tonight, I'm not sure.  

I am going to go clean up the house a little bit so it's not so messy when we come home!

Have a great Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!
17th-Oct-2008 11:01 am - O Sailor Why'd you do it...

I've been very busy lately with school and work.  I feel like I never have a day off. 
I leave my house at 7:30am, come home for an hour in the afternoon, go to work, and come home at 7:30pm.

It's draining as heck.

I am doing some 'field work' right now and it is pretty fun.  I am basically a teachers helper.  I am with a kindergarten class at Milwaukee Sign Language School.  All of the kids at the school are either deaf/hard of hearing or have family members that are.  None of my kids are deaf but the focus on learning sign is really neat.  It seems to be a really great school.

I've been really sick the past week and I am finally feeling a little better.  I don't have to work until 3 today so I have a couple hours to just relax.  I started making a halloween costume and I hope I can finish it in time for halloween.  I'll post pictures if I ever finish it.  I have about 4 big school projects that I need to finish this weekend.  YUCK.

I can't really think of anything else interesting going on in my life.  Chris is gone often and it makes me feel lonely.  Maybe it's just my imagination. 

I have the hyundai in Milwaukee now and I have insurance.  Now I have no reason not to drive it.  I just need to overcome my fear.  I am also trying to think of what to make for christmas gifts.  I am not AS broke as last year but I really enjoyed making people their gifts and they went over pretty well.  I don't think Levi liked his gift, it was an over-the-couch-arm organizer, but I don't really care.  I just need something to do that isn't work or school related. 

Is anyone doing anything special for Halloween?
plz enjoi dis-


11th-Oct-2008 10:42 pm(no subject)
ich bin besoffen.
28th-Aug-2008 08:23 pm - Halleluja!
I sold the neon!! Hooray!!  I'm funna go get drunk!!!
7th-Aug-2008 11:34 am - Here I raise my Ebenezer
Life has been pretty good lately.  A lot has happened.  I've got a few things to do before school starts but I'll hopefuly figure it out.  I need to sell the neon, but what's new. Every time I drive it something breaks.

Unfortunately my hamster, Steve McQueen died on July 16th.  I came home and went to pet him and he was laying on his back with his feet sticking straight up.  I cried and I couldn't go into the room until chris came home to help me.  I felt stupid for crying but he was the nice one and he was my first pet that I got while not living at home.  We put him in a nice little box and buried him in the woods by the river.  It even started to rain which was very fitting for a funeral. R.I.P. my dear little hammie!

On a lighter note, Chris and I went up to Madison for my brother's birthday (the weekend of the 20th) and it was a really great time.  We saw the roller derby and just hung out and had fun.  Then, before we drove home, we stopped at Lindsey's house for her birthday celebration.  It was very, very good to see them and I hope to see them again soon.
That same weekend we were blessed with a new addition to the family, I am now an aunt!  My brother's girlfriend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kaitlyn Grace.  She is very healthy and growing fast.  I can't wait until she is a little older and can do more than cry, eat and poop!

The next weekend was my mom's birthday.  We were all supposed to go camping but because of the baby no one wanted to go besides Tim and I.  So, Tim, Chris, and I all camped out for a night at pike lake. The best part was the s'mores...mmmm I love them!  On Sunday we hung out with mom and had a lot of nummy food.

Last weekend Chris was in Houston for some army stuff and Tim decided to come over to my house for the night because our Grandma was in town and we were planning on seeing her on Sunday.  So, Tim and I went to Seven Mile Fair (aka little Mexico) and the Roller Derby, at the Milwaukee Sports Complex, to see the Madison team go against the Milwaukee team!  Madison totally creamed Milwaukee.  Oh yeah, and I was supposed to go to my cousin's baby shower, the one who I made the sling for, but I didn't go up there in fear of my car breaking down.  Not to mention that I ended up giving the sling to my brother for their new baby.  I don't think they really understood what it was and it'll probably, unfortunately, never be used.  Anyway, it was great to see Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday and we also stopped by Mom's house and she made a really great dinner, I sure do miss someone cooking for me!

So, this week has gone by very fast.  Chris and I went to see a new movie called Hell Ride.  I won free tickets from the Oriental Theater for an advanced screening.  It was pretty good, there was a lot of nudity though.. I thought it was sort of distracting from the main plot.  Yesterday we finally put the scooter all back together, we were cleaning all the parts, and it runs!  It ran before we started messing with it but we figured we could get it to run better, and hopefully faster. It seems to be running better but we'll see. I just need to buy a new battery, a particular screw, transmission oil and maybe some new brakes.  This is not a picture that I took but it is exactly what mine looks like (DON'T LAUGH!!)-
  I think it needs a name but I haven't thought of one yet.  I'm so excited.

Tonight I am going to hang out with a good friend of mine and this weekend I am going to the ALMS (American Le Mans Series) race in Elkhart Lake! We are camping up there on Saturday and I think it's going to be a really fun.  I need to clean up my house now, it's so messy!

Life Lesson #12- Be nice to the tellers at your bank.  Trust me, it will pay off when/if something happens to your account. Don't be mad if they ask for your I.D.!
    Life Lesson #12.5 - Open a savings account if you have a lot of money in your checking account.  It's easier to steal checking account information (due to checks and debit cards) than it is to steal someones savings account info.
13th-Jul-2008 03:21 pm - Back in the day-yay
I think I am getting over my bout of depression and all.  The panic attacks are subsiding.  Things are getting bettttterrr.
Like I said in last entry, I got my job back.  At first they were like "Yeah, we are retards and you have to go through training and you can't start until August 4th"  I was like fuuuuck that shit!  So I busted some balls/skulls and now I start on Monday.  I have training for three friggen weeks and I am sure it's going to be super boring seeing as I know all that bullshit.  BUT, it's monday through friday, 8:30-5:00, no work on weekends for three weeks!  I have three pretty nice weekends coming up.

Next weekend my brother turns 30 so I am going to Madison to see a roller derby!  I am really looking forward to it.  Then we are going to play a lot of board games.

Two weekends from now my mom turns 50!  I think we are going camping or something.  The Police concert is also that friday, that may be awkward seeing as my dad and I aren't speaking and he's got the tickets.  I'm not going to stress about it, I think it'll be a great show.

Then the next weekend my cousin is having her baby shower.  I usually hate hate hate baby showers, but she is my favorite cousin.  I made her a baby sling, it was easy and I think she will like it.  It looks like this :
It is a maroon color and I hope it'll be ok because she is having a baby boy, I just didn't have any boy-ish colors that would work.  I can't imagine the baby would mind, but I don't know about the parents, why am I rambling on about this?

Anyway, this weekend was pretty good, I am going to include Thursday in it.
Thursday my friend Kelly and I made strawberry freezer jam and it is soooo good!  I usually don't care for strawberry jam but this stuff is really delicious!  We were planning on going to Bastille Days, some french festival, but the weather was crappy so we just ordered pizza hut and sat around for awhile.  It was enjoyable.

Friday was pretty sweet because a local bar, Riverhorse, had a special thing to support the Riverwest24, it was $7 for all you can drink Riverwest Stein beer, which is made by Lakefront Brewery.  I didn't drink but Chris and Dan did.  There was supposed to be some Bike Olympics but two people were sent to the hospital so it was called off.  Totally lame!  We went to eat some dinner at Rio West Cantina and they had some good stuff, not as good as La Fuentes, but not bad

Saturday afternoon was spent sitting around and making that baby sling, cooking up some really good pea soup and granola until Chris came home from drill.  Later in the evening we walked over to Dan's house to watch Kung-Fu movies.  We got to see some really awesome old friends and sat around talking and it was really great.  I got a bit drunk from drinking Hard Cider and Chris and I finally walked our asses home at 4:30am.  This morning I slept in until noon!

Today has been boring.  Chris is out riding his motorcycle and I am sitting at home.  We may go see a movie later with his brother and Dad.  I love his family.  Oh yeah, and Chris ended up getting me a cute little scooter, a 1978 Honda Express.  Yes, that's right 1978, 30 years old!  It's totally baller and I can't wait to ride it.  I will probably be laughed out, but I don't mind!  It tops out at 30mph, maybe 35.  I will drive it to work after training because work is close by, training is not, it's about 25 minutes and I hate driving.  I am going to take pictures of it later.  Oh well.. I shouldn't complain, at least I have a car.  That's all I've got.

Life Lesson #11-   Don't let potatoes rot.  They smell like dead animals.  Use them before they go bad, or when they start to go bad, get rid of them asap.
9th-Jul-2008 07:21 pm - Build me up buttercup...
I finally have a bit of good news.  But also a little bad news.

I swallowed my pride and asked the bank for my job back and the manager said YES.  So, now I have a job. 

I found an awesome little scooter on craigslist that I was about to go purchase and I just got an email from him saying it's not for sale anymore!  What a jerk!  I asked him to see it early and he said later!  Darn it!  I spent the whole day researching it.  That's all for bad news though.

I finished my doorway curtain thing and it looks nice.  I am mad at my newer sewing machine because it is such a baby when it comes to thick fabric.  Luckily, I saved my old Kenmore and it buzzed right through the thick fabric.  It is really a work horse and I love it.

I am bored and I don't feel like making dinner, so I am not going to.  I really just want to eat popcorn.  I have a feeling things are going to start getting a little bit better, at least I hope so.
8th-Jul-2008 03:16 pm - Is There Life on MARRRS..
I had a pretty nice week/weekend.  It was very busy and now I am ready to go back to work.  I have broken down and I am going to try and get my job back at the bank.  It was my last resort plan and I'm sad that it has come to this point.  Oh well!
On Wednesday my Mom and Sister came down to Milwaukee.  Mom and I went to the Art Museum and Abi and her friend hung out at Summerfest.  After we were done at the Art Museum we went to Summerfest and ate some nummy food and then they went home and so did I.  I also had an interview for a job and I thought for sure I got the job but I did not.  I was very bummed but I am over it now.

Thursday was a great day.  The weather was wonderful and I went to Six Flags with one of my greatest friends ever, Joe.  We had a blast despite me having a strange tummy ache/ head ache the whole time.  We went on all of the most baller rides but did not go on the new one, Dark Knight because the wait line was about 120 minutes!  No thanks!  We left a bit early so we could make it back to Milwaukee on time to see the Fireworks.  Chris, Joe and I met up with our good friend Dan and Tricia.  We were not as close to the fireworks as we were last year but we still could see them pretty well.  Luckily it wasn't raining like last year!  Joe got totally wasted and I planned on it but it was that night that I found out I didn't get that job so I was sad and really just wanted to cry and go to bed!

Friday was the Fourth of July and it was, for the most part, a relaxing day.  Chris and I had a beautiful picnic at a local park that has a great view of the city and there were no other people there!  I was really surprised about that.  We laid around and just enjoyed the nice weather.  We came home and I took a nap and Chris took his Motorcycle out for a ride.  Then we went to Summerfest that evening to see The Roots.  This is where I start ranting... I wanted to just take the 10 bus, a bus that runs right in front of my house and only costs $2 to ride, but Chris insisted on going to Dan and Tricia's house.  We were planning on seeing a 10 o'clock show so I wanted to arrive a half hour early to get a good seat.  We got to their house at about 7:30 and we didn't leave until about 9.. THEN we went to this bar to take a shuttle to the fair and you had to buy a drink to even ride it!  So that was 2.50 a person for Chris and I because we just got PBR.  I didn't even drink mine because I didn't want to have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes.  SOOO, we finally get there and it is already 9:45.  I was pretty disappointed because I figured we would get the crappiest crap seats ever.  We ended up seeing a great old friend from West Bend, Anna Williams and her friend Diesel (I forgot his real name), and Anna acted as a train conductor and led our 4 person train all the way to the fourth row! I ended up being able to stand on a bleacher and see the whole show.  THANKS ANNA!  It turned out pretty well despite getting there so late!  So after the show we take the 10 bus home and it stops a mile before our stop and the driver says, "THIS IS AS FAR AS I'M GOING. EVERYONE OFF THE BUS!"  I was so upset!  I mean, a mile isn't very long but my feet were soooo tired and it was way past my bedtime.  We made it home, luckily, and I fell asleep right away.

Saturday we went up to Chris' parents house for his Dad's birthday celebration.  It was a nice time and his little cousins came over and they are cute.  One of them is very naughty, the younger one, and the older one, they are one year apart, is as sweet as can be!  It's strange.  We got home and watched a movie but I fell asleep right away.

Sunday afternoon was kind of crappy but I ended up going on a very nice walk down by the river and read a book at a park up the road.  Then I went to church and to my friend's house for dinner.  It was very good.

Yesterday I got my car back!!!  I had it towed to the shop sunday and it was fixed by monday, thank you greatest mechanic ever.  We also went to a motorcycle shop and I tried on helmets!  SCARY! Unfortunately I am now in kind of a bit of debt.  It's ok for now.  Having it fixed is a HUGE load off my shoulders.  Now I just need to sell it!

Today I went to the bank and the assistant manager told me to come back and talk to the boss tomorrow!!  I AM SO NERVOUS.  I also went to value village, 50% off all housewares and books, and picked up some little saucer plates, to put things like muffins/biscuits on when we are eating out of bowls, for 90 cents for 6 of them, and I got a heavy duty curtain to put in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room.  The kitchen gets soo hot and I'd like to keep the heat in there and not in my semi-cool living room! So I got books, 6 saucers, and I heavy duty curtain for $4.44.  I consider it a major success. That's all that I've got for now!  This was a long entry and if anyone made it this far, thanks for reading!!
27th-Jun-2008 06:20 pm - I'm on a roll!
I think I played a video game or something that would always say, "I'm on a roll"  I can't remember, though.  Maybe I saw it on a t-shirt.  Edited to add that I figured it out.. That's the saying on those nutroll candy bars.  now I feel like a retard.

Being unemployed I have a lot of time on my hands.  I usually sit around but today I decided to finish a dress I had started like a year ago.  It is honestly really crappy, but considering my handicaps (being ill today, missing pattern pieces, huge pattern size...) I didn't do THAT bad. It was from a pattern from 1969 and a size 14.  When I bought it. for 10 cents I figured, pff this will be no problem.  WRONG.  It was a disaster trying to make everything smaller.  Maybe now that I know more about sewing I could do it but a year ago I could not.  I made a huge mistake with the back so it is a lot longer than the front.  I think I can hem it up to make them even.  If I would put the ties right on my bust, rather than under, they would be even.  Oh yeah and I made the hem badly.  It is supposed to be reversible but I said forget that because I was frustrated, so now it's not reversible.  Ok ok on with the pictures:

Stupid expression on my face.

Here's a sort of nice view of the fabric.

   A crappy view of the back.  It has two really bad darts in the back.  Oh yeah and the whole dress is lined in the green fabric that you can see in the ties.  

  This is what it is supposed to look like.  Mine doesn't quite look the same!

You can sort of tell in the picture of the pattern but the front of the dress ties in the back, with four ribbons, then the back has those long ties to shut the whole dress. So, there are no side seams connecting the back to the front.  Kind of cool, kind of stupid!
Hope y'all like it!!! 
24th-Jun-2008 12:57 pm - side note
I think I am having panic attacks.  Does anyone have any experience with them and care to chat with me? 
I had a pretty nice weekend besides the fact that I am going through this stupid bout of depression.
Chris came home from New Jersey on Thursday and surprised me with a nice new necklace from Tiffany's & Co.  It is very cute and very unexpected.  I would have been happy with a great big kiss.  We went out to La Fuentes, the best Mexican food in Milwaukee, and I got drunk.  Then we came home and I drank some more. 
On Friday we went to go check out his soon to be new motorcycle.  It is very cool, a Ducati Monster 695, and I am excited for him.  We did some geocaching (my idea), saw the Indiana Jones movie and went out to eat, again, with his parents.  I got a nice 13x9 pan to make brownies, my current 13x9 pan is all gunked up from over fried potatoes, and also a food dehydrator from Chris' Momma.  I am excited to use it.  Perhaps more excited than a person should be.  We came home and it was sort of late and I don't remember what I did.
Saturday was the Summer Solstice music festival here in Milwaukee.  I saw my friend Kelly there and we ate good ice cream but it was kind of boring.  Perhaps if I was drinking it would have been more fun.  Oh yeah, and before that I started making a dress.  I needed to do some math to figure out some stuff so chris helped me out.  I'm glad he helped me.  Although we still did something wrong.  It was ok though.  We went to bed early because we had to wake up early on Sunday.
Sunday we went out to Road America, the race track up by Elkhart Lake, to see the June Sprints.  It was really neat and it's fun to see these crazy fast cars.  Unfortunately the race car driver we were with crashed in the last lap.  He's ok but his car is not ok at all.  Crashing while going 135 mph in a formula continental car, which looks like a small formula 1 car, will do that though.  Here are two pictures that show a tiny bit of the damage:
This is the front of the car.  When the driver is in the car their feet and legs are pushed all the way to the front of the car.  The gas and brake pedals are in that space in front of the shocks.  There is usually a nose piece over this, but it's all cracked now. 
This is a picture of the steering column with a giant crack in it. 
I don't think anyone who reads this cares about race cars but I do.  Anyway, after Norton, the driver, came back to the Paddock we helped clean up and made sure he was ok and then we went home.  I told my friend Kelly I would go to Church with her so I did that when I got home.  I'm not really down with church, but it was a nice service and all.  We then had dinner at my house.
Today I finished my dress.  It's pretty cute and summery.  It's called an 'infinity dress' because you can wear it a lot of different ways. Here are some pictures-

My hair is a mess, my mirror is dirty, and I am extremely unphotogenic. It's also not very flattering for my itty bitty tiities, but I don't care.  AND those styles look better if I take more than a minute to throw them together.  Anyways, I like it and I am glad it turned out.  I want to make another one.
I have an interview tomorrow and I'm nervous. Hopefully it'll work out.  I am going to go get an application at some little boutique in Shorewood that's hiring.  I guess time will only tell.  I'm thinking I don't even want a car anymore. 
Remember my last life lesson where I said to make sure you take the cup out of the wash before drying.. well I forgot to.  I felt like a retard but likely it was fine.  I am going to go load the dishwasher now.

Life Lesson #10-   Before you cook grilled cheese heat up your pan a little bit.  Then, when you put it on the pan, cover the sandwich with a sauce pan lid or other lid.  It melts the cheese faster.  I do make the best grilled cheese.  Actually, second best.  My dad makes the #1 grilled cheese.
So, tonight I watched one of my favorite movies, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and I cried at the end.  I don't even know why I cry watching movies.  I always feel like such a baby afterwards.  Does this happen to anyone else or am I just an emotional baby?

I got a call back about a job today but it was lame.  He offered $7.25/hour and told me between 20-40 hours a week.  I was like, "well, which is it, 20 or 40?"  He said he'd email me but never did.  I think I may have upset him.  I can't afford $7 an hour anyways.

I didn't really get anything done like I planned.  I went to the grocery store but only bought enough food to fit into my backpack, so not that much.  It did keep me from impulse shopping.. besides the box of brownie mix I thought I had to buy.  I will make them for Chris when he gets home.  I hope tomorrow I will get stuff done.

I'm pretty tired and still emotional, like anything could make me cry.  I hope I get over this soon because it is not pleasant.  Time to go watch Conan O'Brien and fall asleep.

Life Lesson #9-   If your liquid laundry detergent has a cup that you use to pour the liquid into your machine you can just toss it in with your load of laundry and it won't be a sticky mess when you put it away.  Just remember to not put it in the dryer.  So, next time you are doing laundry try it!
16th-Jun-2008 09:56 pm - Make me somewhere I can call a home
Not much exciting has been going on here in Milwaukee.  I take that back, we had a huge flood and my car is broken, due to the flooding, so that pretty much sucks.  I am also still unemployed.. which also sucks.  Chris is in New Jersey for Army Training but he'll be home on Thursday and that's a good thing.

Last week my baby sister, age 14, stayed at my house.  I planned on a more exciting week but my car was broken so we were sort of limited on where we could go.  It turned out just fine though.  There's a lot of pretty neat stuff within walking distance and I was able to take the bus to work for my last week.  Abi is just kind of a brat.  She is really snotty and obsessed with myspace, and is a total narcissist. She loves to take pictures of her self and it's annoying.  I still love her though.  Back to walking though- Most important to me is being able to walk to the grocery store.  I am totally out of food and I have three more days with no transportation!  Luckily I spent the weekend away from home..

I had a really good weekend.  I got an IUD on friday and it was really painful and I'm sure no one wants to hear about it but lets just say the vicodin I took did nothing.  So, I laid around all day friday and thought I was dieing.  Luckily, I woke up on Saturday.  We did a lot of Geocaching on Saturday and today.  It is one of my new hobbies.  I totally love doing it.  You get to see so many parks and cool places you never new existed!  Sunday was father's day so we had a nice cook out.  I bought my dad a Hatchet. 
The hatchet has a sort of funny story.. I went to buy it right after work on thursday and not thinking of how large it was going to be I only brought my little tiny puma backpack.. bad idea.  It just barely fit inside.  Then I had to go to the bank so I go in with a fricken hatchet in my bag, I was so nervous!  And then getting on the bus!  Luckily all went well.

Tomorrow I want to get some stuff done, we'll see if I actually do.  Here are some pictures of the flood-
  This road is a Boulevard and these are my front steps.

  It was pretty high here, probably at about it's highest.

Some people decided to take advantage of the weather-  At this point the water was actually going down.  That white car was actually lifted from the water and then smashed into the tree!

These are my neighbors and me at the end with the coat on looking like an idiot!

No life lessons for tonight.. maybe tomorrow?
28th-May-2008 12:13 pm - school's OUT!
I'm done with the spring semester and I came out with some pretty good grades so I consider it a success.  I'm still unsure of my summer employment and it's getting down to the wire so I have to find something quick.  Hopefully things will turn out ok.  I also need to learn how to drive stick shift.. I just get so frustrated! Hopefully that will work out as well.

I spent memorial weekend up in Crivitz building a deck.. it was my first time building a deck, well, pretty much my first time building anything that matters.  I went up with my Dad and we had a pretty good time.  The deck is almost complete, we did the entire foundation and now all that needs to be done is putting the floorboards on top.  There is no electricity up there (or running water or plumbing or heat) so we couldn't bring a saw to properly cut the floorboards.  So those will have to wait.  Overall it was a success.  Northern Wisconsin is really beautiful and I hope to get up there more often this summer, work hours and gas prices permitting.  There is so much to see and do, it's really a great place.  My dad can be a real jerk sometimes but I still love him!  He doesn't like hippies, democrats or socialists and blames all problems on them.  I guess it's not much different than democrats blaming everything on republicans so I just laugh it off and say, "Ok dad.." and I would never tell him that I am all about socialism!

I am working a couple extra hours during the week by walking Lola, the stupid family dog ,so that helps alleviate a small portion my financial woes.  I enjoy it because I get the exercise that I need and I get extra money doing it. It would be more enjoyable if she was a good dog but she's very naughty.  I think she's actually mentally challenged, honestly.. what normal dog would eat asphalt and rocks?  Oh well, only a couple more weeks.

I haven't done anything crafty lately and for some reason don't have a lot of motivation.  I have a lot of great patterns that I want to make but I always feel like I don't have the right fabric to do it.  I did make my mom a neat fabric grocery bag and she liked it, I think.  I really want a more heavy duty sewing machine.  Mine is great and all but it doesn't handle layers of fabric at all.  I'm thinking about pulling out my ol trusty blue kenmore, that thing would sew through anything.  I think it's because my new one is fancy electronic so it's just a big baby.  I also need to clean up my sewing room, it's a total disaster.  During finals I let it go like crazy, it's become a giant garbage pile.  I think that will be my project for tomorrow.

Oh yeah, two weekends ago my brother Tim came to my house and we had a really good time.  We went to the museum to see the Body Worlds exhibit and it was pretty cool.  If anyone is debating whether or not to go I'd say go ahead and do it, it was really neat.  We also went out to dinner.  I need to make it out to madison soon, they have a Red Panda at their zoo that I would really love to see.
That's all I've got to say for now!
Life Lesson #8- This one may seen obvious but if you are going on a trip remember to bring, if you have the space; a tweezers, finger nail clipper, a pair of scissors, and a lighter.  Of course don't forget your other essentials but I have found these four things sooo useful on all of my little road trips I have taken!
3rd-May-2008 06:50 pm - Errr
I forgot that I was posting in my journal so here's an update!

School is almost over with for the semester.  I am already done with one of my English classes and my meteorology lab.  Although, I have this huge paper for psychology due on Tuesday.  I have not started and it doesn't surprise me.. I am a horrible person!!  Oh well, I'll get it figured out.

End of school also means end of job.  I am looking for a new job asap.

So, I have been semi crafty lately.  I've been sort of busy with school and all and I just haven't been motivated.  I did however make a hand bag for my friend and some cloth pads for myself, I can't wait to use them.  I also bought a menstrual cup- the moon cup by keeper.  I recommend checking them out, I'm trying to convince my baby sister to get one but I think my efforts are futile.  There are some great communities here on LJ and websites with more info if anyone is interested.

I have the strangest craving for roasted marshmallows.. mmm it sounds SO GOOD.  I can't wait to go camping!!!  I bought a nice hiking internal frame back pack.  I also have been gathering up other backpacking supplies and I am really looking forward to going.

Most of the time I don't like Milwaukee.. but sometimes, like last night, I do like it here.  I walked down town with my friend  Kelly and it was nice and warm (60'F).  We stopped at an Asian grocery store and I got some Coconut Jam.. I haven't tried it yet and I have no idea what to put it on but I sure do love coconut!  We then ate at a Thai restaurant, EE-Sane and it was nummy.

Right now I am starving.  Chris is not home so I don't feel like cooking and haven't had anything to eat today.  But, I went out to eat last night...  I did have some gardettos earlier but they are hardly a meal. 

I really haven't done anything today.  I played animal crossing for longer than I'd like to admit.  I spent some time on the interweb, talked to my sister for like an hour, and the experimented with diff ways to make my cloth pads. I'm going to continue to do nothing.

Oh yeah, I am totally in love with old Italian cinema.  I watched part of Nights of Cabiria last night, but it was late and I fell asleep.  I shall watch the rest tonight.  Well, I can't think of anything else to say so here's a picture of the bag I made.  I swear, I can make more than just bags, they are just so easy and the patterns are so easy to not use and manipulate :)  I made a shirt the other month but it sits stupidly.. I am going to blame the fabric.  I've got a bunch of patterns with stuff I want to make so I'm sure I'll get around to it.

Life Lesson #7-  If you don't drink much milk but still like to use it for cooking buy a small box of powdered milk.  It's super easy to stir up a glass and it doesn't taste too bad.  Another great substitute that I love is using applesauce instead of eggs in baking recipes- especially corn bread!  ( I really should go eat something...)

& here's that bag I was talking about- that little star is a button and there's one on each side to hold that large pocket shut.  It's pretty large- It can fit notebooks and books, and has some nice inside pockets and is fully lined:
17th-Mar-2008 01:53 pm - Time to Update again!
Life has been kind of hectic lately.  Busy with work, cars, school and family.  I think in one of my previous posts I noted that neither of my two cars worked properly. Well, I got my hyundai to work.  We just had to bleed the clutch.  Hopefully it still works, I haven't tried it since we did it.  Now I am in the process of selling the neon.  If anyone needs a $2000 car I have one for sale!  Craigslist is so annoying trying to sell a car though.  So many weirdos. 

Anywho, I've got some sort of cold and it sucks.  I did have a good weekend, though.  On Friday I went to a hotel for my baby sisters 14th birthday party, it was nice, we had lots of nummy food and a great hotel room but I forgot how stupid adolescent boys are.  They were not allowed to stay the night, thanks goodness.

 Saturday I came home and showed my neon to some dolt.  She came all the way from Sheboygan and didn't even ask me one question about the car.. except "You didn't mention any rust online.."  When I did, I even sent her a picture of it!  Loser.  So after that I went to my friends house to eat dinner and drink wine, a girls night in sort of thing.  After dinner we were going to watch the movie Once but some rude boys, including Chris, came over and interrupted us.  By this time I was not feeling very good but blamed it on too much cigarette smoke from the night before. 

I woke up sunday morning with a pounding headache and throbing sore throat.  So not cool!  I laid in bed all day Sunday eating gold fish crackers and watching episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix.  Chris had to do his Army Reserve stuff so when he came home he brought me some Sprite and I was very happy, as happy as one could be when in such pain. 

Today I slept in until about 10am and I am feeling a little bit better.  I am on Spring Break but still have to work so I can't do anything cool.  Chris and I both have off on Thursday and Friday so maybe we'll do something then.

I bought some more fabric on Saturday, 14 yards.  Like I said, it's an addiction.. I can't help it!  I also bought a new record - The Police- Synchronicity in preparation for the concert in July.  I've got a lot of their stuff on CD but I have started collecting records.  It's trendy and all but it's fun finding old records.  I got the record player, a used one, for christmas from my dad and my record collection is slowly climbing.  I think I've got over 60 now.  I know its nothing compared to some but it's a good start.  I have mostly old/used ones but a couple new ones including CocoRosie, Sufjan Stevens and The Velvet Underground.  It's all about the hunt.  
Well, I have to go to work in a couple minutes so I am outta here!

Life Lesson #6- If your car stereo has a detachable face plate- detach it.  I was stupid a few months ago and didn't detach mine and my car was broken in to.  All for a crappy $50 cd player!  Now I know better.
1st-Mar-2008 11:39 pm - Finally, something new!

Yesterday was pretty nice.  I got some stuff done and I went out to eat at Abu's Middle Eastern Restaurant on Farwell Ave.  It was ok, I ordered a veggie platter and it had a lot of stuff I didn't like that much.  The falafel was really good though.  Today I felted soap with Chris' mom, Barb, and it was fun, but I wasn't that good at it.  Oh yeah, a little background info on the subject-  I got a sweet soap making kit for Christmas and Barb and I made it a few weeks ago.  So, there were some pretty ugly bars that we ended up felting.  It was neat and it smelled good.
After felting Chris and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for out friends birthday shin dig.  It was nice to see old friends.

Now there are some people over at our house for a race party - aka - play forza motorsports and watch movies starring Steve McQueen.  My friend Kelly came too and I tried to teach her how to knit!  I'm not the greatest at knitting so I am not the greatest at teaching but we had  fun.

I finally finished and made something new.  Now I just want to keep on sewing!  I get in these kicks, I'll get over it.  I wanted to make a dress but decided to go with a hand bag because it takes a much shorter amount of time.  So, here it is-
  Here's the outside, it has all these little pocket/pouch things along the outside.  Cute and Functional!

This is the inside, it's got a nice zipper pocket attached, so it's sort of like two pockets.  It makes it a little bulky, but I don't mind!

Here's the DS case for my friend Michelle.. I hope she likes it!!

Life Lesson #5-
Never underestimate the things you have laying around your house!  You never know what might be useful for something! (Spoken like a true pack rat!)
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